Tricks Casinos

Tricks Casinos Use to Trick You to Keep Playing

Casinos have their own ways of keeping their players busy in the games for hours so they can make profits while players are having fun making money for themselves. Casinos work hard to make you stick to the tables and spend more money as it is business for them when it is fun for you. There are several gimmicks inside a casino that you can find if you take your time off the games and the drinks and open your observational eye. Here are the tricks that casinos use to keep you playing.

Psychedelic ceilings and floors

You will notice that the walls, ceilings, and floors have illusional patterns and paintings which are amazing and relaxing. These designs are made especially to create a trippy environment so that you can get lost in the feeling of being inside such an environment. The most amount of your time will be spent on procrastinating on these images and patterns.

ceilings and floors

Clocks and windows

There are none! Casinos do not have any clocks and windows as they do not want you to know what time it is when you are having a good time at the tables. Checking the time can make you stop playing the hands, which can profit them as well. The windows can also tell if it is day or night which is the reason why casinos do not keep any of them. Although there is enough ventilation inside the casinos.

Free drinks

Casinos offer complimentary drinks to players playing at the table. If you are having a bad time losing the games, a complimentary drink can cheer you up. You might think that it is a nice gesture from the casinos, but it is also a really good business strategy. If you lose 100 bucks to the casino and they offer you a free drink worth 10 bucks, they are still making profits.


The sounds that slot machines make also has a great effect on the minds of players. It creates a sense of thrill and suspense while players wait for the outcomes. It makes them become more hopeful for winning, which keeps them playing round after round. The non-stop slot machine sound can take a lot of time which players know but cannot resist.


Subliminal messages

A decade ago, many casinos used subliminal messages in their slot machines which made players think that their next move will be the winning one. They used a certain method which seemed like a glitch to the players, making them think that their chances of winning can be altered. These machines were removed when this trick was found to be true. There are still plenty of signs and messages which slot machines contain that trick the players into believing that a big jackpot is near.