6 France Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

Flawless France is one of the top bucket listed places in the entire world. The location is highly exotic, but at the same time; it can provide some super scary experiences as well. If you are planning for a trip to France then here is a list of things you need to take care to save your lives in France.

1. Carry Health insurance card

The best part of travelling to any of the European Union states is that you get the health insurance card for free with the cardholders name in it. You may wonder how a map is helpful in your travel, but remember prevention is better than cure. If you are planning to have a safe and secure trip, then taking care of imaginary accidents is also very significant.

2. Have a pharmacy found

Whenever you travel, make sure you have a few places noted for your emergency reach. For say a hospital nearby, a pharmacy, a service stop or an assistance booth, and so on. Travelling to a new place becomes comfortable when you are not aware of specific places where you can get quick help. Make sure you have immediate access to the pharmacy.

3. Dial 112 for help

This is the most significant fact in France. You have 24*7 support from the government to take care of the civilians of the nation. You can count on them anytime, anywhere. If you find yourself in any trouble, now you know the emergency dial number. 112 is a standard line for all sorts of concerns. There are few specific numbers like 15 for a medical emergency, 17 for police and 18 for accidents.

4. Make sure you choose a safe line of travel

The widespread mistake committed by most of the travellers is that they tend to trust strangers for drops. Make sure you do not trust anyone for your safety. If you are appalling and do need help, then make sure you alert any guardian about it from where you are moving and keep your trackers on.

5. Be aware of pickpockets

France is a massive city. In such a big city, the pervasive fear is of a pickpocket. Picking the pockets are very common complains and threats you receive as you walk in the streets of France. Never be overconfident about your safety and please do not underestimate the capabilities of the picketers. Make sure you keep all your belonging with you and save money in various pockets to avoid theft.

6. Speed limit

The transport system in France is highly modernized. If you are planning to avoid public transports and planning to hire a rented vehicle, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations concerning the roads, traffic and lanes of France. They have set speed limits in almost every area; make sure you comprehend the same.