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The 7 Best France hotels

Looking for fantastic accommodation in France? Check out this page for exotic hotel stay in France.

1. Le Pavillon de la Reine, Paris

One of the magnificent places where tremendous tranquil is hoisted in the landscape of France is Le Pavillon. It is a glorifying edifice with spectacular hospitality and luxurious comforts. It is one of the fantastic stays you can ever experience in France. The Hotel is exotic and exhibits the most delicate details of royalty and lavishness.

2. Crillon le Brave, Provence

Crillion le Brave is credited for his incredible skills of converting an entire village into a hotel which stands as a proof of beauty and magnificence. Since 1980s Crillion is considered as the pioneer in France tourism.  The town of Crillion has houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries and still possesses the same elegance and tenderness. The hotels are exclusive examples of luxury and glare.

3. Chateau de la Treyne, Dorgogne

The tower of Chateau de la is located on the clifftop of river Dordogne. It is one of the most beautiful and speechless destinations to stay in France. The beauty scape of the hotel mesmerizes you unto the ultimate essence of satisfaction. It is also one of the beautiful elements of France.

4. Le Clos Saint- Martin hotel and Spa, lle de Re

The style is what is in Le Clos Saint –Martin hotel. The edifice is a superb cover of enticement and fun. It is one of the trendy places in France. It consists of various other luxurious that keep you entertained throughout your stay in Le Clos.

5. La Bouitte, French Alps

If you want to experience the exotic remain in France, then do not miss the stay at La Bouitte, French Alps. It is one of the mind-blowing hotels stays in France. The place is known for its tremendous hospitality and breathtaking view. The food served in La Bouitte is one of the finest you can taste in France. The scape is the right mirror of France culture and tradition.

6.  Abbaye de la Bussiere, Burgundy

Abbaye de la Bussiere is a masterpiece that was established in the 12th century. It stands as a quotient of beauty and enticement. It is the right conventional edifice and a perfect stay in France. If you are looking for some breathtaking accommodations in France, then Abbaye de la is your best option.

7. InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu, Marseille

If you are looking for some magnificent InterContinental stay experience, then the Hotel at Marseille is the perfect advice. The taste of the accommodation with enhances. You will be exposed to some supreme quality travel stay experience with gorgeous, rooms, and amenities. The view from the Hotel is one plus points on why tourists claim this hotel as one of their favourite’s in France. The hotel has nearly about 179 rooms and great grand dining halls.  

6 France Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

Flawless France is one of the top bucket listed places in the entire world. The location is highly exotic, but at the same time; it can provide some super scary experiences as well. If you are planning for a trip to France then here is a list of things you need to take care to save your lives in France.

1. Carry Health insurance card

The best part of travelling to any of the European Union states is that you get the health insurance card for free with the cardholders name in it. You may wonder how a map is helpful in your travel, but remember prevention is better than cure. If you are planning to have a safe and secure trip, then taking care of imaginary accidents is also very significant.

2. Have a pharmacy found

Whenever you travel, make sure you have a few places noted for your emergency reach. For say a hospital nearby, a pharmacy, a service stop or an assistance booth, and so on. Travelling to a new place becomes comfortable when you are not aware of specific places where you can get quick help. Make sure you have immediate access to the pharmacy.

3. Dial 112 for help

This is the most significant fact in France. You have 24*7 support from the government to take care of the civilians of the nation. You can count on them anytime, anywhere. If you find yourself in any trouble, now you know the emergency dial number. 112 is a standard line for all sorts of concerns. There are few specific numbers like 15 for a medical emergency, 17 for police and 18 for accidents.

4. Make sure you choose a safe line of travel

The widespread mistake committed by most of the travellers is that they tend to trust strangers for drops. Make sure you do not trust anyone for your safety. If you are appalling and do need help, then make sure you alert any guardian about it from where you are moving and keep your trackers on.

5. Be aware of pickpockets

France is a massive city. In such a big city, the pervasive fear is of a pickpocket. Picking the pockets are very common complains and threats you receive as you walk in the streets of France. Never be overconfident about your safety and please do not underestimate the capabilities of the picketers. Make sure you keep all your belonging with you and save money in various pockets to avoid theft.

6. Speed limit

The transport system in France is highly modernized. If you are planning to avoid public transports and planning to hire a rented vehicle, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations concerning the roads, traffic and lanes of France. They have set speed limits in almost every area; make sure you comprehend the same.
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Tips to win online casino games

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Top Things That You Need to Know About Casinos

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Tricks Casinos Use to Trick You to Keep Playing

Casinos have their own ways of keeping their players busy in the games for hours so they can make profits while players are having fun making money for themselves. Casinos work hard to make you stick to the tables and spend more money as it is business for them when it is fun for you. There are several gimmicks inside a casino that you can find if you take your time off the games and the drinks and open your observational eye. Here are the tricks that casinos use to keep you playing.

Psychedelic ceilings and floors

You will notice that the walls, ceilings, and floors have illusional patterns and paintings which are amazing and relaxing. These designs are made especially to create a trippy environment so that you can get lost in the feeling of being inside such an environment. The most amount of your time will be spent on procrastinating on these images and patterns.

ceilings and floors

Clocks and windows

There are none! Casinos do not have any clocks and windows as they do not want you to know what time it is when you are having a good time at the tables. Checking the time can make you stop playing the hands, which can profit them as well. The windows can also tell if it is day or night which is the reason why casinos do not keep any of them. Although there is enough ventilation inside the casinos.

Free drinks

Casinos offer complimentary drinks to players playing at the table. If you are having a bad time losing the games, a complimentary drink can cheer you up. You might think that it is a nice gesture from the casinos, but it is also a really good business strategy. If you lose 100 bucks to the casino and they offer you a free drink worth 10 bucks, they are still making profits.


The sounds that slot machines make also has a great effect on the minds of players. It creates a sense of thrill and suspense while players wait for the outcomes. It makes them become more hopeful for winning, which keeps them playing round after round. The non-stop slot machine sound can take a lot of time which players know but cannot resist.


Subliminal messages

A decade ago, many casinos used subliminal messages in their slot machines which made players think that their next move will be the winning one. They used a certain method which seemed like a glitch to the players, making them think that their chances of winning can be altered. These machines were removed when this trick was found to be true. There are still plenty of signs and messages which slot machines contain that trick the players into believing that a big jackpot is near.